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It should be stated from the very beginning – amazing Russian wives keep conquering men’s hearts worldwide. There is no sign that this trend is going to die out, regardless of all the difficulties and challenges that the international dating industry is suffering now due to the world events and instability. Let’s have a look at why do foreign males prefer to marry and date Russian ladies instead of their fellow compatriots.

Reason number one can be found in the very concept of the modern-day society. Selfishness and frivolity are corrupting people’s minds and hearts. Every year, the number of divorces and break-ups keeps increasing in a geometrical progression, signalling very worrying tendencies. Particularly, we can deduce that human beings are losing their ability to build families and upkeep them. Yes, we can blame it on the notorious Western culture and fashion (that are undoubtedly responsible for this degradation), but we should not forget about ourselves who do accept the new fake values and make them part of our lives. We can now barely see someone who would keep their virginity until they get married or those at least want to have proper families.

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Society-wise, we can outline some key notions that worsen the current state of affairs. First of all, it is all due to the media who do promote the values that are incompatible with the traditional way of life. Frivolity, short-term relationships, attraction instead of love, ‘freedom’, etc. The first term implies that human beings just do what they want and do not take anything seriously, especially their relationships. They simply fall in love and feel attracted to someone. You can now see how only one term has encompassed the rest. However, we can particularly focus on the notion of freedom. According to it, every person is capable of making decisions they want, regardless of what others might think. This is called freedom nowadays. Nonetheless, it seems actually like some sort of confines because we are not free and it is just an illusion. Look at the animals, for instance. A bird does not think whether it needs to fly or not, it just flies. A bear does not think of when to fall asleep or how to spend each day – he just does it. A cat does not think where to go – it just goes. However, we, humans, constrict ourselves with these limitations and overcomplicate our lives. Relationships, on the contrary, require simple things that can be achieved following a hard path.

Another point regarding the origin of all the problems is the devaluation of the basic principles like love. Due to the aforementioned phenomena that have been introduced into our lives recently by the media, we tend to lose the basic understanding of really important things. Love should not be applied everywhere. For example, we can easily say that we love tea or coffee, or a car, etc. What a terrible mess that is! Love has always had some special areas where it was used – God, religion, family, etc. Therefore, if you look at our ancestors, they all had families and cheating and divorces were relatively rare. Look at what is happening now. There ought to be something wrong going on. Moreover, people can say that they love someone just because they feel attracted to them. However, love is all about hard work and sacrifices. If you have just met someone you like, it does not mean that you love them. Love is something you must prove throughout your life.

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Everything that we have outlined so far is extremely important when it comes to dating amazing Russian wives. The thing is that the latter still keep these values intact and understand them. This cannot be said about the Western men who increasingly tend to follow the newly-born rules and principles, and then they start wondering why they keep failing and why they are having troubles with their women and wives. Of course, there are some traditional values that are applicable to the females. One of the key differences between Russian and Western women is the attitude towards their husbands. The latter have endorsed the so-called emancipation and have totally embraced it. They do challenge the position of the men each time their interests cross. Women do not accept any sort of subjugation. They want to be equal and even above men. However, Russian women do realise that it is not going to work out this way. The woman should always be below her husband. Her natural position is behind his back while he takes care of their lives, he earns money and he protects their family. You will find it nowhere except for Russia. Try out dating Russian beauties and you will see what we mean by it.